Soil and Land Management

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UW-Stevens Point Soil and Land Management graduates at work

  • Shannon GengerSoil Conservationist, Natural Resources Conservation Service
  • Derrick RasporSoil Conservationist, USDA- NRCS, Wisconsin
  • Sherry BockBiosolids Coordinator, USDA Natural Resources Conservation Services, Minnesota


Phone: 715-346-4617

Choose Soil and Land Management at UW-Stevens Point

Soil and land management students at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point learn the skills and knowledge to work in all levels of soil and land conservation. Exposure to the major areas of soil science provides students with a broad knowledge base increasing their marketability in different fields where they serve as strong contributors on interdisciplinary teams. 

Our students gain additional hands-on experiences in all areas of natural resource management during a required summer field experience generally taken between their sophomore and junior years. 
Students choose between an intensive, six-week hands-on summer field experience, at locations such as our Treehaven residential facility, or the European Environmental Seminar where students learn how European natural resource management compares to that in the United States.

Career opportunities in Soil and Land Management

The soil and land management option prepares students for employment in agriculture, consulting firms or county, state, tribal or federal resource management agencies where they manage soil, land and water to improve and maintain the world we live in. To assist students in finding their career path, each of our courses provides information on the career opportunities available. Graduates are hired to conduct field sampling programs, improve agricultural efficiency, protect surface waters, map soils and more.

Building your résumé

Our Waste Education Center, Center for Watershed Science and Education and internship opportunities are examples of some of the ways students can build their résumés during their time at UW-Stevens Point. All of our students are also encouraged to participate in undergraduate student research and take part in volunteer opportunities. 

Outside the classroom

Participating in student organizations is a great way to get involved outside the classroom. UW-Stevens Point is host to more than 200 student organizations including the Soil and Water Conservation Society of America. Visit the Student Involvement and Employment office for a list of opportunities.

Student support services

Student success is our top priority and the College of Natural Resources Academic and Career Advising Center (CNR ACAC) is an excellent resource to help students reach graduation day. Professional advisers and peer mentors are available Monday through Friday to answer questions about classes, advising, scholarships, internships etc. The CNR ACAC produces a weekly e-newsletter, the CNR Reporter, with information on upcoming presentations, student organization meeting times and other important happenings on and around campus.