Frequently Asked Questions

What should my written project look like (only for students currently working on projects)?
The written report will differ in appearance from project to project and adviser to adviser. Your adviser may suggest that you look at already-completed projects as examples. There are copies of past students projects available for review in the EE Resources Library on the 4th floor of the UW-Stevens Point Albertson Hall (ALB). Many projects can also be accessed electronically from the ALB.
What needs to be done in the year I graduate?
Keep your adviser/mentor informed of your progress. Your adviser/mentor must administer and score your exam before you’re allowed to graduate. Let him/her know of your desired graduation date. For a summer graduation, it’s important that you and your adviser/mentor communicate during the preceding spring semester. See the graduate catalog for graduation deadlines. After exam or project completion, the final step is to fill out the UW-Stevens Point Application for Master’s Degree which you can request from your Program Manager.
Where can I find information on courses that could transfer into the program?
Once you are assigned an adviser/mentor you will want to meet with them to begin discussing your Program of Study. This is where you would want to talk with them about any courses that you’ve already taken that you think might fit into the program. You are able to transfer in up to 9 credits (courses taken previously at UW-Stevens Point are not considered transfer courses).
You will need to provide the following documentation and fill out the Application for Transfer Credits form on courses you are interested in transferring in:
  • Photocopy of catalog course description
  • Course syllabus (if available)
  • Verification that the course is a graduate course (official graduate transcript)
  • Verification that the course is applicable to the graduate program at the institution offering the course.
How do I know if a course will or won't transfer into my program?
You should check on the course with your adviser/mentor.
What do I do if a course that I need isn't offered?
Talk with your adviser/mentor to see if there is an alternate course that would work for you or to see when the course you need will come around again.
Where am I going to live while I am taking courses in Stevens Point (only for Face-to-Face summer K-12 Teacher classes)?
There are various options, including the UW-Stevens Point dorms and local hotels. Among the other students taking summer classes in the Extended Masters in EE Program, you are likely to find roommates to reduce the cost of a hotel stay. Students have also camped at some of the local campgrounds near to town.
How do I know when courses will be offered?
Specific courses are offered every semester, every other semester, or sometimes once every couple of semesters. A few months before the next semester is to begin we will send out, via email, the next semesters course schedule. It will also be posted on the Course and Registration Information page on this website. If you are interested in knowing when a particular course will be offered, check with your Program Manager.
How long does the program typically take?
The average is about three years. Some have finished their degree in less than three years. Though this is possible, it requires a much more significant weekly time commitment than the three year option.