Application Checklist

All items on the checklist are required in order to be accepted by UWSP and to achieve Graduate Regular status. You must be fully accepted and have Graduate Regular status or you cannot proceed beyond 9 credits in the program.


1. Apply online to UWSP Graduate Studies, (application fee is required)

2. Official Transcripts, request that they be sent to UWSP Admission Office

3. Application for Admission to UWSP College of Natural Resources, send to Program Manager
4. Resume, send to Program Manager

5. Statement (no more than one page), send to Program Manager

6. Copy of most recent Graduate Record Exam scores, request delivery to Program Manager

7. Letter of Reference from supervisor, send to Program Manager

8. Letter of Reference from other colleague, send to Program Manager

9. 2 Completed Applicant Evaluation forms (can be from the same people who did your written references), send to Program Manager 

10.  Teaching license - if applicable

If you have any questions about the application materials or procedures please contact

Tim Byers, Outreach Program Manager