About Us

​The College of Natural Resources (CNR) at UW-Stevens Point is widely regarded as the nation’s leading undergraduate natural resource program with deep roots in Wisconsin’s strong conservation heritage, inspired by pioneering leaders such as Aldo Leopold, John Muir and Gaylord Nelson. 

Coursework for the program is online, although face-to-face options are available if you prefer.  This allows a convenient way for working professionals to complete their degree, while still maintaining their job. High-quality instructors, a strong academic reputation in natural resources and environmental education, and the ability to network and learn with other professionals from around the country and the world makes the Applied Master of Science program a perfect fit for many professionals!
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Program Goals

The Applied Master's Program at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point offers opportunities for personal and professional advancement through academically rigorous and professionally relevant online training for the development of competent and dedicated professionals who provide leadership in the field.
Participants will:

•Receive EE/I and leadership and administration focused training that is directly relevant and applicable to their current professional situations

•Enhance their professional knowledge, skills and abilities in accordance with the NAAEE Guidelines for the Preparation and Professional Development of Environmental Educators and the NAI Standards and Practices for Interpretive Methods

•Use the knowledge, skills, and abilities gained through participation in the program to demonstrate competence related to the core curriculum areas of Foundations of EE/I, Instruction and Communication, Program Evaluation, and Research in EE/I and Natural Resources

•Become leaders in the field of EE/I and natural resources leadership and administration.  

Program Mission

Demonstrating leadership in providing professional development in environmental education and interpretation and natural resources through the delivery of exemplary online courses and an online Master’s degree for the purpose of developing effective and competent EE/I and natural resources leaders. ​