Grant Program: School Forest


Deadline was April 1, 2016
The 2015-2017 Wisconsin Biennial Budget eliminates the WEEB effective June 30, 2017.
Another WEEB grant cycle is not anticipated. For other opportunities see


This program was made possible through a generous donation by the
Wisconsin Foresty Initiative
Implementation Committee


Proposals must be for educational opportunities associated with a school forest site.

Projects that facilitate student learning about sustainable forestry practices, including careers, are preferred.

We encourage opportunities for students to not only be involved in a project, but to help plan and then implement it. 

There are a variety of Adobe Readers available, if you have trouble downloading, look for a button (often at top right) that asks if you want to open with a different reader.

EligibilityFour students using calipers to carry large log

WEEB/SFI grants are available only to public school districts with
officially registered school forests by the grant application deadline (April 1, 2016). A listing of officially registered forests may be viewed at 

Wisconsin School Forests

 For information on the status of school forests not on the list, or to 
register a school forest
, contact:
Gretchen Marshall, School Forest Coordinator
Phone: (715) 346-2633
Previous grant recipients must have submitted all required reports to be awarded funds from the 2016 grant cycle. Contact the WEEB office if uncertain whether this criterion has been met.

Applicants may have a project (or projects) underway and still apply for another grant.

Amount Available

 This school forest grant program is financed by state funds from the forestry account of the conservation fund, remaining funds collected as a surcharge on enviornmenal fines by the Department of Justice and donations. Anticipated total resources to be distributed among all selected applicants is approximately $20,000.

Maximum award per proposal is $2,500.

The "capital expenditure" limit and "site enhancement" limit for  is a maximum of 75% of WEEB grant funds requested.

Please see "Preparing the Budget Summary" link below for definitions of "capital expenditure" and "site enhancement."

Grant PeriodBoy measuring tree using Biltmore stick

  • Grants are made from June 1 through November 30, 2016.
  • The project director may begin and/or complete the project anytime within the project period (the full six month grant period does not need to be utilized).
  • Project funds (including matching funds) may not be expended or encumbered before June 1, 2016 or receipt of the Notification of Grant Award letter, whichever is later.
  • All project funds (including matching funds) must be expended or encumbered no later than November 30, 2016.

How to Apply

Download Application Materials (PDF format)
All Blank Forms One File       All Blank Forms One File

To apply for a grant use the link above to download the application directions. The direction booklet does contain blank "print and type" application forms. However, for "electronic fill-in" forms use the "All Forms One File" links. Submit in both hard copy and electronic format (see below) the original and 1 copy (2 sets total) of the following:

  • Teenage Girl Planting Tree in ForestWEEB Cover Page
  • WEEB Partner Verification (if required)
  • WEEB Budget Summary
  • Map or diagram page (optional, limited to 1 side of 1 sheet)
  • Citation page (optional, limited to 1 side of 1 sheet)
  • Project description
    The narrative must detail how the project will enhance the environmental literacy of the target audience. Please include:
    • School District Name, Project Title, School Forest Name(s)
    • Project Description and Timeline
    • Need, justification of need, and description of target audience  
    • Dissemination
    • Project evaluation
    • Staff qualifications
    • Continuation
  • Proposals will be disqualified if narrative exceeds 2 pages (two sides of one 8 1/2" x 11" sheet of paper, minimum of 10 pt font, 1" margins).
    • Suggested narrative guideline for $1,000 or less-one side.


Project directors  will be  notified by mail of funding decisions by early May.  Information will also be posted to the WEEB website.


For examples of projects that have been funded in the past, please refer to the grant recipient database.

Payment of Grant Funds

The WEEB grant program operates on a reimbursement system.  Payment will be made upon submission of an approved final report. Alternative distribution methods may be negotiated on a case by case basis. The WEEB will not distribute the full award amount until the final report has been submitted

Reporting Requirements

Several accountability measures are required of grant recipients. Details are described in the award letter.  Reporting forms are available on the WEEB website.  Accountability measures for grants include:Two Boys in Forest Using Navigational Compasses

  • maintain financial records
  • submit a final report that includes a minimum of two photographs of representative activities. Submitted pictures must have photographer’s and/or subject’s permission for use.
  • present information on the project at a public forum (e.g., conference, public hearing, world wide web-ideally the EEinWisconsin website) and/or provide WEEB with a copy of a published news, journal, or newsletter article regarding the project
  • participate in a progress review with a WEEB representative
  • provide two copies of all written, visual, or audio materials

Project directors are encouraged to submit a short (1-2 minute) video that summarizes the scope and accomplishments of the project.

Avoid Disqualification

To avoid disqualification and receive full consideration, make sure the minimum criteria for funding summarized in the Quality Assurance Checklist (see last page of directions) are met. Absence of any starred and bolded item will cause the proposal to be disqualified.

Submit Materials

Submit both paper and electronic formats.

Two children on a downed tree

Submit paper copies (original and 1 copy-2 sets total) post-marked by April 1, 2016 or hand deliver by 4:30 PM on April 1, 2016 to:

Wisconsin Environmental Education Board
110H Trainer Natural Resources Bldg.
UW-Stevens Point
800 Reserve Street
Stevens Point WI 54481

For those wishing to submit via hand delivery, a link to a campus map of the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point is provided.

(Note: The WEEB office is located within the Trainer Natural Resources Bldg., room 110H. The Natural Resources is building #12 on the map. Room 110H is located on the first floor, at the southeast corner of the building.

Submit an electronic file (ideally one file per proposal) to:

Deadline for elecronic file submission is 11:59 PM Central Daylight Time April 1, 2016. 

Prefer single PDF file. Word or Rich Text file is acceptable.

Please indicate the administering organization name in the subject line (e.g., XYZ School District).

The WEEB is not responsible for electronic communication malfunctions including server difficulties.  If you would like confirmation of receipt of electronic submission please use the delivery or read request functions associated with your email software.

Electronic submissions that fail to have a corresponding hard copy submission may be disqualified.

Hard copy submissions that fail to have a corresponding electronic submission may be disqualified.

If submission of electronic file is not possible, contact WEEB by 4:30 PM on April 1, 2016 for alternate arrangements.