Miscellaneous ​Bacteria ​Nitrogen Oxygen ​Phosphorus ​Solids
Alkalinity​ ​Well Testing (Absent/Present) Ammonium​ ​COD Soluble Reactive​ Dissolved Total​
​Chlorophyll-a ​E-Coli mpn (Count) Nitrate​ Dissolved ​Total EPA Digestion ​Dissolved Volatile
​Color ​Nitrite ​Suspended Sediment
​Conductivity ​Nitrate+Nitrite ​Suspended Total
Fluoride ​Organic Nitrogen ​Suspended Volatile
​Hardness ​​Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen ​​Total
​pH Total Nitrogen Total Volatile
​Sulfate - IC
​Saturation Index


Testing Parameters ​
Aluminum ​​Chloride Manganese ​Sodium
Arsenic​ ​​Chromium ​Mercury Zinc
​Barium ​​Cobalt ​Nickel
​Beryllium ​​Copper ​Selenium TRACE METALS - GFAA
​Boron ​​Iron ​​Silica Arsenic
​Cadmium ​​Lead ​Silver ​​Lead
​Calcium ​​Magnesium Total Sulfur (SO4) Selenium


Diaminochlorotriazine​ ​ ​(DACT)
This is a test that detects agricultural chemicals called triazines. Triazines are a class of herbicides that include atrazine, simazine and cyanazine. The DACT screen is an approximate test that is performed as an inexpensive alternative to a more detailed test. It is a useful first step in determining whether your water is being impacted by pesticides and below health-based standards for triazine type herbicides.​​  
Nitrogen and Phosphorus (N/P) Containing Pesticides ~ Modified WEAL Method 8270
This test is for those who have a reason to suspect contaminatin, or who have had a triazine test that exceeds 2.0 ppb.  We usually recommend homeowners have their water tested for nitrate and DACT before going ahead with this test.  These pesticides are more commonly use in agriculture in Wisconsin.  This test does not cover all pesticides. If there is a concern from excessive use on corn and soybean field this test may be appropriate.


​Acetochlor ​Dyfonate Propachlor
Atrazine ​​EPTC (Eptam)​ ​Propazine
​  De-ethyl Atrazine ​Ethafluralin ​Simazine
​  De-isopropyl Atrazine ​Metolachlor (Dual)
​Alachlor (Lasso) ​Metribuzin (Sencor) ​Triallate
​Chloropyrifos ​Pendimethalin ​Trifluralin
​Cyanazine (Bladex) ​Phorate
​Dimethinamid ​Prometon

Chloroacetanilide Herbicide Metabolites (CAAM) ~ USGS OFR 00-182 ​ ​
These chemicals are from herbicides (alachlor, acetochlor, and metolachlor) that replaced atrazine. While these parent herbicides normally degrade in the top soil, they form ethane sulfonic acid (ESA) and oxanillic acid (OA) degradates which can penetrate to groundwater. They have been found in groundwater in many of the agricultural areas of the state of Wisconsin.


​Alachlor ESA ​Acetochlor ESA ​Metolachlor ESA
​Alachlor OA ​​Acetochlor OA​ ​Metolachlor OA


Organophosphorus Pesticides ~ Modified WEAL Method 8270​ ​ ​
This test covers a wide range of insecticides. Generally, these compounds are not found in Wisconsin groundwater as often as those in the nitrogen and phosphorus containing pesticides. If there is concern from excessive use, a local spill, a nearby agricultural chemical loading and mixing facility, or cranberry field this test may be appropriate. Dichlorvos ​Ronnel ​EPN
​Naled ​Methyl parathion ​Azinophos-methyl
​​Mevinphos ​Trichloranat ​Coumaphos
Ethoprophos ​Chlorpyrifos
​​Phorate ​Fenthion
Demeton-S ​Tokuthion
Demeton-O ​Stirophos
​​Diazinon Bolstar
​​Disulfoton Fensulfothion