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Looking for recommended resources? The WCEE staff has evaluated and compiled resource recommendations for various subject areas. These can be found in the monthly Educator's Resource Corner online at Read summaries of the latest activity guides, DVDs, books, and web resources on dozens of topics.


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More comprehensive lists for various topics are listed in our Annotated Bibliographies. This topical selection of environmental education resources includes teaching activity guides, videos, books for youth, and reference materials. 


Aquatic Systems
Bird Education
Children's Books
CLIMATE CHANGE.pdfClimate Change
Early Childhood Bibliography.pdfEarly Childhood Environmental Education
Forests and Forestry
"Green" Lifestyles
Human Population
Invasive Species
Land Use
Schoolyard Habitats/School Sites
Waste and Recycling
WINTER ECOLOGY.pdfWinter Ecology



Environmental Education Apps

Educational and Environmental Apps for Mobile Devices Looking for ways to integrate technology into your environmental education lessons? WCEE graduate student, Joy Kacoroski, offers some help. She has reviewed numerous apps designed for educational and environmental purposes. Her website offers several recommendations for apps that can be incorporated into a lesson to provide greater depth and understanding of an environmental concept.​