"This teacher exchange program h​as given me more inspiration and fulfillment than any workshop or inservice ever could. All teachers should expand their classroom to the rest of the world to build a path for our future generations."

- Cari,  High School Spanish Teacher


"Leaving Puerto Rico was bittersweet. I cried as I said goodbye to new friends and colleagues because they had all made such an impact on my life and I knew I would miss them. But I knew that I had learned so much that I would be able to share with my students...I am a better person all around because of this exchange."
- Toni, High School Science Teacher


"I have learned so much on this trip that I could only have learned through the hands-on activities and experiences. When we had the online course, reading the materials was beneficial in preparing us for this journey, but direct exposure was the 'real' teacher. I have learned more in the past three weeks than I have in the last three years." 
- Paula, High School Art Teacher​​​​​

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