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​Since 2004, GET has led teacher education travel programs in China, Puerto Rico, South Africa, Taiwan, and Wisconsin. The program strives to connect in the mainland USA to teachers abroad and embark on a shared professional development experience.


You must be an educator (formal or non-formal K-12) to participate in GET programs. The online course is a pre-requisite for the travel portion. All online courses are delivered in English. The travel course is also delivered in English, but GET will provide translation when an activity or tour is delivered in a foreign language.

Program Components

Part One: An online course is taken prior to departing overseas. The online course includes cultural, historic and ecological introductions to the place you will visit. It is intended to prepare educators prior to traveling. It can be taken for graduate credit. Typically, online courses are four weeks long.

Part Two: Travel for 2-3 weeks overseas with host country educators.

Technological Requirements

To optimize learning, GET courses combine the power of the Internet with face-to-face travel communication to accomplish course requirements. All participants will be given a university email address. In order to access the online course, you must have access to a computer with Internet connection. The easy-to-use online course is designed for educators. No previous computer experience is necessary. Technical support will be available to all program participants. All course work is credited through the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point.

Physical Requirements

For the Global Environmental Teachings Program you can expect moderate physical activity requirements. You will be on field trips and excursions nearly every day during the overseas program. Although these excursions will not be physically demanding, you should be in good health. You will probably do more walking than you normally do. Some hiking is included in most programs. Options are included for people who wish to go slower or those wishing to be more challenged.


Lodging during GET Programs vary and may consist of hotel/motel accommodations with many conveniences, comfortable bed & breakfast style accommodations, dormitory style accommodations with shared bathrooms, more modest bunk bed accommodations at environmental education centers, and homestays. Accommodations may be simple and heat or air conditioning may not be available at all locations. Some accommodations will be far from medical facilities. Clean drinking water will always be provided. Regardless of location, participants can expect double occupancy.

Program Details

The duration for the GET Programs is between two and three weeks. Most take place in June-August. Program fees include all lodging, food, and excursions. Some programs may also include airfare and graduate credit. Programs are typically limited to 10 mainland USA teachers and 10 host country teachers.

Host Country Contacts

In addition to traveling with host country teachers, GET has numerous in-country partners who assist with logistics, provide tours, give lectures, and help with the needs of the participants. These are highly skilled professionals who enrich the program giving you firsthand experience in the country you are visiting.​​​​​​​