WCEE's Approach


The WCEE believes students reach their full potential in education when the local community is used as the context for learning. This makes education relevant and maximizes student achievement.

The WCEE works with Wisconsin schools, whole districts, and surrounding communities to meet their educational goals through an integrated and holistic approach that covers environmental, social, and economic aspects of education.
Their consulting services use a systems-based approach in analyzing the school curriculum, community, culture, and operations to transform schools into places where students, teachers, and staff are proud and excited to be. All staff (administrators, educators, buildings and grounds, facilities, and food service), families, and community members are engaged. The WCEE helps schools identify local partners to address the diverse needs of schools and ensure that the community is the context for learning. This approach creates an opportunity to advance students’ understanding of the world using a systems approach to analyze the places they live.
Learning is place-based, service-oriented, experiential, project-based, inquiry-based, interdisciplinary, transgenerational, relevant and available to all. It also addresses and incorporates core curriculum standards, 21st Century Skills, Career and Technical Education goals, and STEM learning goals. Students gain the awareness, knowledge, skills, attitudes, and experiences necessary to become lifelong learners. Furthermore, students become more motivated to reach their potential and are literate in sustainability, socially responsible, and passionately involved in their communities.
Additionally, the WCEE consulting services offer three specific areas of programming in energy education, forestry education, and green and healthy schools. Staff can provide specialized expertise in energy education, school building energy efficiency, renewable energy, climate change, and sustainable transportation. WCEE staff can also assist schools in developing their school forest program and enhancing outdoor learning spaces. General consulting services to help schools become more green and healthy are also available in partnership with the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction and Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. These areas of expertise can be integrated into the overall consulting services.

For more information contact us at wcee@uwsp.edu​