Wisconsin River Water Quality Improvement Project

Wisconsin River Water Quality Improvement Symposium - March 11, 2011

  • Watershed Overview: Birds Eye View of the Wisconsin River Basin
  • A Historical Perspective of Water Quality in the Wisconsin River - Scott Watson, Central Wisconsin Basin Supervisor, WDNR [view 3.8MB pdf]
  • A River Partnership - Rick Georgeson, Petenwell and Castle Rock Stewards (PACRS) [view 7MB pdf]
  • Blue-green algae - Concerns about Human Health and Habitat - Scott Provost, Water Resources Management Specialist, WDNR [view 13MB pdf]
  • What's Feeding the Algae? Sources of Nutrients to the Wisconsin River - Nancy Turyk, Water Resources Scientist, UW-Stevens Point [view 2.4MB pdf]
  • Developing TMDLs for the Wisconsin River Basin - Ken Schreiber, TMDL Monitoring Coordinator, WDNR  [view 6.3MB pdf]
  • First Year of Monitoring: What have we learned? Pat Oldenburg, Water Resources Engineer, WDNR [view 9.4MB pdf]
  • Discussion: Panel Questions and Answer - Pat Oldenburg, Ken Schreiber, Nancy Turyk, Scott Watson, PACRS Representative, Mark Cupp, Executive Director, Lower WI State Riverway Board

Additional Handouts and Materials:

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