Groundwater Resources for Plumbing Instructiors

introtogw.pdfintrotogw.pdf Introduction to WI Groundwater​
geologyaquifers.pdfgeologyaquifers.pdf Geology of Wisconsin​

Groundwater Issue Slides​

waterreuse.pdfwaterreuse.pdf Water Reuse Overview​
watertreatment.pdfwatertreatment.pdf Drinking Water Treatment Technologies​
Source​ Useful Links​
WI DNR​ What's Wrong with my Water

Drinking Water and Groundwater Homepage

DSPS​ Water Treatment Product Approval Page
WGNHS​ Wisconsin Geological and Natural History Survey Homepage
UWSP​ Residential Water and Energy Cost Savings Calculator

​Thank you for attending the Groundwater Model Workshop Teacher Training.  If you have questions or would like additional assistance with instructional materials or media, please contact Kevin Masarik