Wisconsin River Water Quality Improvement Project

5th Annual Wisconsin River Water Quality Improvement Symposium​

Purpose of the Project 

The Wisconsin River Water Quality Improvement Project is a collaborative effort designed to improve conditions in the Wisconsin River and its tributaries by focusing actions to reduce algae blooms and pollution. Improving water quality in the Wisconsin River basin is important to our quality of life, the local and state economy, tourism, property values and recreational opportunities.
From Lake DuBay to Lake Wisconsin, flowages experience nuisance summer algae blooms that limit enjoyment and recreation. Blue-green algae blooms have been reported in Petenwell and Castle Rock flowages at levels above World Health Organization standards. Blue-green algae produce toxins that can be harmful to the health of humans, pets, livestock, and wildlife.

Information on the Project

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Wisconsin River TMDL

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Ann Dansart Hirekatur, PH, CSM
Wisconsin River TMDL Project Manager
Bureau of Water Quality
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