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Information and Education

Public Information

  • We collect, organize, and make available existing data on groundwater and related resources, including: published reports and maps; collection of well records; computerized data base to allow retrieval of water resources data; groundwater education publications and materials.
  • We answer questions about groundwater for both private citizens and local officials, or refer questions to other information sources.

Education Activities

  • We develop, conduct and promote educational activities relating to groundwater awareness, protection and management.
  • We conduct private well testing and drinking water education programs through county-based Extension faculty. 


Available Resources

Wisconsin Groundwater Directory

The Wisconsin Groundwater Directory is a listing of topics and contact information for the citizens of Wisconsin to find answers and information to groundwater related concerns.  To download a pdf copy click on the following link: 

Wellhead Protection

Wellhead protection is a preventive program designed to protect public water supply wells. The goal of wellhead protection is to prevent contaminants from entering public water supply wells by managing the land that contributes water to the wells.
For more information on wellhead protection planning, visit the Wisconsin DNR's Wellhead Protection Program website.  

Well Water for Rural Residential Subdivisions

This fact sheet describes using computer generated groundwater flow models as tools to evaluate water supply options in rural communities

Groundwater Resources for Local Governments

The three fact sheets listed below will help communities address groundwater concerns as part of the comprehensive planning process.
Additional resources containing information on groundwater management for local governments:

Organizing a Community Drinking Water Program

Community drinking water programs offer local governments the opportunity to learn more about their community's groundwater in addition to educating local residents on groundwater and drinking water related issues.  To learn more about organizing a program for your community click on the link below.

Teaching and Learning about Groundwater in Wisconsin

The following is a short list of educational materials for teaching about groundwater issues in Wisconsin:

Sand-tank Groundwater Model

The sand-tank groundwater model is a hands-on demonstrational model made by students at UW-Stevens Point and is used as an educational tool to demonstrate how water and contaminants move through aquifers, various soil structures and watersheds.
  • Groundwater Model Project  Follow this link to purchase a groundwater flow model for your school or organization.
  • Borrow a Groundwater Model  Follow this link for a list of agencies in Wisconsin that have agreed to loan their groundwater models out.   

Educational Activities

There are a number of educational activities that can be performed which aid in students understanding of groundwater.  The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources developed an award winning curriculum development guide primarily for 6th to 9th grade earth science teachers, adaptable to older and younger students, informal education settings and the general public.
Groundwater Study Guide Packet includes the following:
  • One 36-page "Groundwater Study Guide"
  • One copy of "Groundwater: Protecting Wisconsin's Buried Treasure"
  • One set of 12 activity handouts.
  • Ten small posters and one large poster, "Groundwater and Land Use in the Water Cycle"
  • One "Groundwater Contamination Susceptibility in Wisconsin" map.
It'll Go With the Flow - Powerpoint presentation that can be used in conjunction with one of the activities in the Groundwater Study Guide. 
For more information about groundwater and educational activities or to request a hardcopy of the Groundwater Study Guide please contact Kevin Masarik at (715)346-4276.


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