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Treehaven PictureTreehaven's environmental programs are wonderfully creative and unique. Each program seeks to tie the environment with our lifestyles and environmental leadership skills. You'll be intrigued and refreshed by what we can offer. How about water ecology, forestry and land management, native skills, group challenges and initiatives, living history, geology, bogs from the inside out, wolf ecology, secrets of the forest, or recreational programs such as cross country skiing, snowshoeing........the choices are endless.

Treehaven has the ability to incorporate multimedia technology, including computer teleconferencing and LCD/Power Point projection, as an enhancement to the environmental lessons. Internet access is available. All programs are very affordable. You simply won't find an educational experience this unique and valuable for a better price.

Two residential centers comfortably house students for residential programs. Our food service is highly rated by students and teachers alike, and is of restaurant quality. The dining room has large picture windows viewing the beautiful expanse of the valley below where eagles fly and wolves roam.

Treehaven PictureTreehaven has a 1,400 acre outdoor classroom with various wetland and forest habitats indigenous to the "northern forest" biome. This property is accessed by a well marked, non-motorized trail system. The classroom center provides up to 6 classroom spaces and an auditorium. Nestled into a glacial ridge just outside the door is an outdoor amphitheater overlooking Pickerel Creek Valley and the Harrison Hills.

Creative, unique, academically valuable, and participatory learning experience are our specialty. Treehaven- building leadership toward a healthy lifestyle and environment.


Each School Program is tailor-made to meet the particular interests and needs of the students, while complimenting the school's science and resource curriculum. Residential up to 4 days and day programs are available that can be "tailor made" for your educational needs. We guarantee a solid learning experience through hands-on activities for students of all ages. Setting Treehaven apart from other "nature centers" is the ability to access our 1,400 acres of natural lands right outside the door - no driving required!

Concepts for each program are centered around the following:

Environmental Awareness - Interactive adventures based upon activities that provide awareness of self, group and surroundings.

Environmental Monitoring - Water Quality Assessment; Vegetative / Forest Cover Assessment; GIS, GPS, Map & Compass; Soils; Wildlife Populations / Small Mammal Live Trapping.

Environmental Leadership - Three different levels of competency:

Level 1: Integration of environmental awareness, monitoring, and group problem solving skills. Defining issues, tracking public awareness/attitudes.

Level 2: Creating written scientific reports and action plans detailing community or school environmental restoration projects.

Level 3: Transfer of information and presentation of action plan to community as first step of implementation.

A teaching staff of selected professional naturalists and educators, including wildlife rehabilitators, biologists, scientists, and specialists in their field await your arrival.

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