ButterflyTagging.jpgFriends of Schmeeckle Reserve

The Friends of Schmeeckle Reserve is a community-based nonprofit organization that supports the Reserve.

The mission of the Friends is to support the work of and advocate for Schmeeckle Reserve through engaging the local and wider communities. The Friends supports the Reserve through:

  • Programs and Outreach: Fostering appreciation, deeper understanding, and commitment to maintaining and improving the Reserve.
  • Land Management and Acquisition: Participating in and inviting the community to help with the work of the Reserve and to extend its land.
  • Funding and Resources: Reaching out to the community to provide resources and funding to enhance the work of the Reserve.

Friends Board of Directors

A 15-member board of directors oversees the Friends of Schmeeckle Reserve. Current board members are:

    • Melissa Alexander
    • Barbara Dixson (secretary)
    • Leah Egan (student representative)
    • Nisha Fernando
    • Kim Fisher
    • Michael Gross
    • Bernard Hlavac
    • Jerry Lineberger (president)
    • Jackie Meyers
    • Mike Orella
    • Nancy Ross
    • Rick Rothman (treasurer)
    • Tim Taschwer
    • Chris Thompson
    • Ron Zimmerman

    Charter Members

    All Friends of Schmeeckle Reserve members who joined in 2014, which was the year the group began accepting memberships, are listed as charter members of the organization.

    Click here to see a list of charter members.