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Interactive Wisconsin School Forest Map

The interactive map below shows the location and boundaries of the school forest lands registered with LEAF-Wisconsin’s K-12 Forestry Education Program. Use this as a resource to find and learn about different school forests in Wisconsin! The yellow outlines are not the exact boundaries of the school forest or the parcel that is owned. A legal boundary can only be determined by a licensed surveyor. In some cases, the forest is on the school grounds which contains non-registrable lands (i.e. buildings, athletic fields, and parking lots). The registered acres indicate the actual size of the school forest, while GIS acres is the size of the whole yellow outline.

Navigating the interactive map is made easy using the following quick tips.  Use the + and – buttons to zoom in or out. Click on a county that you are interested in to zoom to it or type a specific forest name in the search bar to find it quickly! If the basemap disappears when you zoom in, use the “–“ button until it reappears or try a different style. Click the Home button to return to where you started. Choose which layers you want to turn on and off by using the double arrows button in the top left corner of the map. Click in the yellow boundary to see some quick facts about the forest. Type the Latitude and Longitude from the pop-up into Google maps to get directions to each specific school forest.

If you wish to obtain the GIS data for the Wisconsin School Forest layer, contact Gretchen Marshall at

Map created by Michael Mills in partnership with LEAF

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