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Dec 01
Tree Skeletons

IMG_2465.JPGThe skeletons of trees shimmering in the crisp morning air are a sure sign that winter has arrived. The contrasts of white bark, green needles, brown leaved oaks, and the yellowing of the Larch needles blend to create a much different landscape that a few months ago. This is a great way to bring peotry into the outdoors. This contrast sets the stage for similies and metaphores galore.

I often practice similes and metaphors as we walk to the school forest. One must create one to cross the road, by the time we get to our destination they are ready to look at the woods with a new vocabulary and concepts of comparison. Give it a try....yes I admit it takes a lot longer to get where you are going, but it is the journey of learning. 

Nature Similes: 

Clouds as soft as cotton balls; As quick as lightening; Tough as a rock; Bright as new snow

Nature Metaphors:

Powder puff clouds; Smoky haze; Chilling wind; Blanket of cold air; Dreamy air; Feather of breeze

Picture inspired poetry    HS

Making Comparisons   ES


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