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Sep 27
Water temperature monitoring

stream data collection.jpg

As we start into fall, the water temperature is dropping, measuring and recording this on a daily or weekly schudule can lead to many discussions and even a friendly "guess the date" of freeze up game. The state has a program where if you are close to a stream your class can send in the information and have it up loaded. This is part of the citizen science movement. The WAV program, web site has curriculum, as well as axcess to many training sessions. Between April and October, temperature, dissolved oxygen, stream flow and transparency are monitored monthly by most WAV citizen monitors.  Volunteer monitors also assess the aquatic and streamside habitat as well as the stream's macroinvertebrate community, using a biotic index.

The incredible part of this program is that even if you only monitor one factor it is still considered valuable and gives students real data to work. Data that they understand, where it comes from, therefore providing more understanding of the manipulation of that data. 

Water Action Volunteers

Even if you have no acces to a stream to monitor there data base is open for all to use.

WAV database

Water and students go together! Give it a try, students will be glad you did. 


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