Wisconsin Forests Forever was produced by the Wisconsin Forest Resources
Education Alliance (WFREA) in 2000.ForestsForeverweb.jpg

Printed copies were originally for sale from WFREA and were accompanied by a CD-ROM. printed copies of the material and CDs are no longer available for purchase. Four of the 14 activities utilize the CD, the remaining 10 do not.

All links below are to PDF files

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Activity 1 - Every Tree for Itself
Activity 2 - Timber!
Activity 3 - It Does What?
Activity 4 - Get Connected
Activity 5 - Nothing Succeeds Like Succession
Activity 6 - Celebrate Trees!
Activity 7 - Make Your Own Paper
Activity 8 - Would Wood Be Needed for My Job?
Activity 9 - Where's My Tree?
Activity 10 - Recreational Use Survey
Activity 11 - A Forest Near You!
Activity 12 - Picture the Forest
Activity 13 - What's Happening in Wisconsin's Forests?