Urban Forest 9-12 Unit


9-12 Unit:
(3 classroom lessons)
UFIntro.pdfUrban Forest Guide Introduction

Lesson 1: What's it Worth? | Subject Areas: Economics, Social Studies
Students review what urban forests and ecosystems are. They analyze data about the benefits and costs of maintaining trees in urban forests and fill out a worksheet. Then, in small groups, students read and discuss summaries of research about the benefits to humans from a social perspective. Finally, the class discusses which of the benefits they learned about also may relate to rural forests.
UF912L1.pdfWhat's it Worth?

Lesson 2: Working Together | Subject Areas: Agriculture, Language Arts, Social Studies
Students use an interactive game show activity to learn about urban forest management techniques. In a role-play activity, students learn how homeowners, business owners, and city foresters can work together to avoid conflict. Students then consider how the conflicts they encountered may impact rural forests.
UF912L2.pdfWorking Together

Lesson 3: Issues and Action | Subject Areas: Language Arts, Social Studies
Students discuss the meaning of stewardship. They investigate an urban forest issue through a WebQuest. Students then create an action plan for addressing that issue in their own community. Finally, students use a Venn diagram to illustrate the overlap that issues have between urban and rural forests and evaluate the relevance of these issues to their own lives.

WebQuest Facilitator: Kate Flick - kflick@uwsp.edu - Please contact Kate to report problems with the WebQuest, provide feedback, or suggest web links that would be good additions.

9-12 Unit Recommended Resources
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UFAppendix.pdfUrban Forest Guide Appendix

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