LEAF Tutorial Videos

The LEAF Program is committed to creating useful content and resources for Wisconsin's K-12 teachers who are interested in teaching forestry education to their students. We hope that our tutorial videos and the associated resources will supplement your teaching and your students' learning. 

If you are interested in having LEAF staff members come to your school forest or school grounds, or if you have any questions regarding the methods or resources, please contact us at LEAF@uwsp.edu .

Tree Measurement Video

Tips from Foresters:


  • When measuring one chain , or 66’ from the tree to use the hypsometer (or clinometer), you need to measure from the center of the tree.  On a large tree, say 4 feet in diameter, your distance would be off by 2 feet if measuring from the face of the tree. 
  • When measuring 66’ from the tree, it is your eye that needs to be 66’, not your feet or body.  Depending on how an individual stands or how steep the slope is, could have an impact on accuracy.  Typically, college courses teach students to measure from the center of the tree to the eye.  The person standing at 66’ holds the tape tightly over the horizontal index finger while the other person holds the tape to the center of the tree.  The person taking the measurement would then hold the tape at the 66’ mark against their cheek and lean back slightly to pull the tape fairly tight.  Without moving your head, drop the tape and take the measurement.  





Lesson: Wood's Worth