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An invasive species is one that out-competes the native species in an area. Invasive species can be plants, animals, insects, or diseases; invasive species can be aquatic or terrestrial. You will be investigating how invasive species impact forests, urban forests specifically. There are many different invasive species impacting forests. Do not focus on a specific invasive species, but instead provide an overview of invasive species in general. (Another group will be investigating Emerald Ash Borer)  

Use the links below to research information about invasive species. As you conduct your research, evaluate the source of the information. What bias might it have? Is it primary research or does it restate someone else's research? 

Issue Information

Potential Searches
Type the following into a search engine to explore other possible sources of information about your issue.

  • invasive species
  • invasive speciesinvasive species + urban forest


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