Invaders of the Forest


Invaders of the Forest was a 2005 project funded
by the Wisconsin Environmental Education Board (WEEB)coversm.jpg

Project partners include:
Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and The Park People: Friends of Milwaukee County Parks.

A Letter to Educators
Invaders of the Forest
Global Marketplace - grades 4 - 12
Wildflower, Weed, or Botanical Bully - grades 4 - adult
Sizing Up Weeds - grades 7-12
Ad-Libbed Aliens - grades 2-8 (and up
Invasive or Not - grades 6-adult
Field Notes - grades 2-adult
The Plant Hunters - grades K-adult
Web of Life - grades 2-8
Outwit, Outplant, Outlast - grades 5-12
Garlic Mustard Invasives - grades 2-adult
Bane or Blessing - grades 5-12
A Can of Worms - grades 4-adult
Plants of the Melting Pot - grades 6-12
Means & Modes - grades 3-adult
Wanted Posters - grades 4-12
Eyewitness Accounts - grades K-adult
Citizen Scientists - grades 5-adult
Plotting Plants - grades 4-12
Diversity Index - grades 6-12
Stand Your Ground - grades 9-adult
How to Kill a Dendelion - grades 2-12
Checking Out the Options - grades 5-12
Shears, Sawbuck & Co.  - grades 5-12
Weed Out - grades K-adult
Inspired by Wrath - grade varies with project   
Appendices   Activities by Grade, Activities by Subject Area, Activities by Teaching Strategy, Activities by Location/Season, Correlation with Wisconsin's Model Academic Standards, List of Plant Identification Guides