Background of the Partnership
LEAF has partnered with GoodmanArmstrong Creek School District (G-AC) to create an integrated pK-12 environmental education program focused on the school forest, community, and related topics. We are partnering to transform the school curriculum so that the community and school forest are the setting for and purpose of student learning. From another perspective, we are exploring how student learning can be a process in creating healthy and vibrant communities.


Project Goals:
  • Students will have a strong sense of place through increasing knowledge and understanding of the unique ecological and social systems in which they live.
  • Students will be literate about Wisconsin’s forests and forests' value in their lives.
  • Teachers will engage the community and utilize the school forest and community as the setting for and purpose of their curriculum.
  • Students, teachers, and the community will contribute to making their community a healthy, vibrant place.

Partnership Objectives:
  • Students will show increased knowledge about, appreciation of, and relationship to Wisconsin forests.
  • Teachers will increase their utilization of the school forest and community across grade levels and subject areas.
  • Students will indicate importance of and connection to their human and natural communities.
  • Students will meet the related earning outcomes identified by the district/teachers.
  • Community members will feel engaged in the student learning.
The partnership between LEAF and the Goodman-Armstrong Creek school district grew from a winter in-service in early 2009. The GAC school district had received a monetary gift to encourage forestry education within the schools. They were in need of direction on how to best utilize the funds. Read more...

The Goodman-Armstrong communities came together to partner with LEAF to form a partnership where their community values and hopes for the future could thrive within the school by means of re-connecting the students to forestry. 
Process - Student Work

The photos of student work  document lessons created by the teachers of Goodman Armstrong-Creek. The lessons include:
  • Investigations
  • Art
  • Math
  • Communications
  • Family Living
  • Projects
Project Timeline Overview
This Four Year Timeline covers the program from its inception and outlines what the future holds, as well. View the timeline...