Goodman Armstrong-Creek 

Student Process

These photos of student work document some of the lessons created by teachers to integrate the ideas of forestry, natural community and sense of place into their existing curriculum as well as the major projects the students worked on.  These represent the outcome of the hands-on process, the painstaking review of existing lessons and how to connect them in a meaningful way to the new concepts.  

Sometimes this was done in collaboration with others, but most often it was a review and tweaking of materials by the individual teachers to reach the goals set by the group. This was done using the curriculum framework and charting using the lesson planning sheets. The teacher’s goals were to take students outside at a minimum of once per week and have some community interaction once per semester. 

Students connect to the land through Investigation



2011-2012 school year brought many math activities using data from the school forest.   Graphing, measurement, patterns, and problem solving were our monthly pushes. The teachers spent hours presenting the concepts and LEAF came and applied those concepts in the world beyond their classroom doors. 


Collages, clay platters, and pottery decorated with natural images are just a few ideas that can bring the outdoors alive through art.
Physical Education


Student Projects