Goodman - Armstrong Creek History

The Goodman-Armstrong communities came together to partner with LEAF to form a partnership where their community values and hopes for the future could thrive within the school by means of re-connecting the students to forestry.  At the community vision meeting forestry was recognized as an integral part of their history from the beginning as well as the setting for their towns. The vision session focused on the question “What do you want the communities to look like 50 years from today”.  The Leadership team and LEAF representatives took this information and molded it into a format that could become a basis for curriculum development

Before the start of the 2009-10 school year the Leadership team held an in-service for the other teachers. Presenting the ideas and where they saw the program going. The group laid out plans for where they wanted to be at the end of the year and for the next 5 years.  The first year was to have 4 in-services and a weekly visit by LEAF staff to help them complete their goals. LEAF staff was available for resource location, people connection, and model teaching. The end of year celebration was a dedication ceremony for the school forest with the great grandson of the founder of the Goodman Mill as the quest of honor. The summary is best described in the 2009-10 report and evaluation. Goodman Project Year One Report and Evaluation.pdfGoodman Project Year One Report and Evaluation

The Second full year again began with an in-service for all staff with creation of projections and goals for this second year by looking at the bright stars and flaws from the past. There was also a renewal of the long range goals, hopes and dreams for the program. This year the staff was backed up LEAF with bi-weekly visits, resource location, and community involvement. The yearend celebration was a Bio-Blitz with many resource people from the area coming together with all the students to document the vast species found on the school forest sight. The summary for year two Goodman Project Year Two Evaluation - Exec  Summary.pdfGoodman Project Year Two Evaluation - Exec Summary

Year three of the partnership had a changed focus. This year brought an emphasis to grades PK-8th with concentration on math concepts the first semester and writing the second semester. The LEAF person was available for consultation at any time, but was on
site the 3rd week of the month from Tuesday thru Friday. This concentration served to limit travel funding for leaf staff and worked out to make it so that all staff was able to get their classes out during the timeframe. The celebration at the end of the year was a second Bio-Blitz as well as the completion of the first student lead service learning project a mural honoring the Veterans. Summary will be on line around September 2012.

As we enter year four the plan is for bi-monthly visits from the LEAF staff to continue modeling new curriculum connections, train new staff, and full staff in-services.