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Graduate Courses from LEAF 

Catalog Description of K-12 Forestry Outreach Courses at UWSP​

NRES 620 (Formerly NRES 740):  Forestry Education for the Wisconsin K-12 Classroom

                1 Credit                Prerequisite: None

Principles, activities, and techniques for teaching the K-12 student about the importance of Wisconsin’s forests to our ecological, economic, and social well-being. Participants receive a copy of the LEAF Program Forestry Education Guide and additional forestry-related education materials. Course designed for the K-12 classroom teacher pursuing the skills and methodologies needed to teach their students about forestry.



NRES 621 (Formerly NRES 741): Teaching Selected Forestry Topics in the K-12 Classroom

                1-3 Credits          Prerequisite: NRES 740, concurrent enrollment, or permission of the instructor.

Utilizing materials and methodologies to teach the K-12 student about current forestry topics, concepts, and issues. May repeat for credit with different subtitles. Past course have included Mathematics in the Forest, Winter Ecology and Tree Identification, Artistry and Forestry, and others.



NRES 622 (Formerly NRES 742): School Forest Programs and Administration

                1 Credit                Prerequisite: None

Overview of Wisconsin School Forest Program, with emphasis on planning and administration of school forests including: organizing of a school forest committee, understanding property management plans, developing educational plans, and locating resources and financial support. Course includes classroom instruction and web component.



NRES 623 (Formerly NRES 743): Human Influence on Wisconsin’s Forests

                1 Credit                Prerequisite: None

Web-based course examines Wisconsin’s forest resources and the role our forests play in our past, current, and future ecological, economic, and social well-being. Course designed for the K-12 classroom teacher who wants to acquire the background necessary to each their students about Wisconsin’s forests.

NRES 624 (Formerly NRES 621): Enhancing School Forest Education

                1 Credit                Prerequisite:  None

This online course will help you utilize your school forest as an outdoor classroom. You will become familiar with the forest, look closely at educational resources, and infuse your curriculum with lessons that can be taught at the school forest.