The Changing of the Land: A Wisconsin Forest History Unit


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Lesson 1 – Wisconsin’s Early Forests and Its Inhabitantsfirstpage.jpg
Lesson 2 – Forestry Needs More Than Trees
Lesson 3 – The Logging Process
Lesson 4 – Lumberjack Life
Lesson 5 – Farming the Cutover and Wisconsin Ghost Towns
Lesson 6 – The Peshtigo Fire
Lesson 7 – Politics and Forestry Beginnings In Wisconsin
Lesson 8 – Rebuilding Our Forests
Lesson 9 – Forest Products and Technology
Lesson 10 – Managing For the Future

The Changing of the Land was developed in 2002 under a Wisconsin Environmental Education Board (WEEB)
grant at the Central Wisconsin Environmental Station (CWES). The unit was originally distributed on CD-ROM
to fourth grade teachers in Wisconsin. A one-day field experience that complements the unit is offered by CWES.