Goodman-Armstrong Creek Background

The partnership between LEAF and the Goodman-Armstrong Creek school district grew from a winter in-service in early 2009. The G-AC school district had received a monetary gift to encourage forestry education within the schools and were in need of direction on how to use the funds. At the same time, LEAF was searching for a school district to work with to demonstrate how forestry education and place-based learning could help schools meet state standards.

The partnership started with a community visioning session to address the question: what would you like your community to look like 50 years from today? Goodman_flyer.pdfCommunity Invitation Flyer

From the outcome of this session, the leadership team of teachers, administrators, and LEAF staff began developing a plan for the school district. This process was messy; often the team would get stuck on an issue like: How can we as teachers bring in more jobs to the area? Then as a group they would take it apart and try to analyze what components of job creation and retention could be addressed by things already being taught in the district. Effective communication skills, math skills, entrepreneur skills were addressed as key to the community's future. Goodman-Armstrong Creek Flow Chart.pdfPlanning Session Flowchart

From these discussion the teachers developed a curriculum framework to use while developing curriculum. (Curriculum Framework Diagram) The final step was to list potential lessons to start incorporating the ideas. The result was an extensive chart listing essential questions, values, assessments, and desired outcomes. Goodman-Armstrong Creek Intergration.xlsGoodman-Armstrong Creek Intergration.xls