Welcome to the Woodland Management Guide Website

The Woodland Management Guide is the web-based companion to the University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point's Master Woodland Steward Program. The information that is provided here is designed to enrich the learning experience of woodland owners and enthusiasts who are enrolled in this Program.
The material that is presented on this website is drawn from many different sources. The main source is the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources 's Forest Management Guidelines. The goal of this website is to place this information into context with the curriculum of the Master Woodland Steward Program and provide a better understanding of Sustainable forest management and management practices necessary to manage woodland sustainably.
While this website is designed to enhance the curriculum of the Master Woodland Steward Program and enrich the participants learning experience the information provided here will be of benefit to any woodland owner or woodland enthusiast. I welcome you to this website and hope that you will find the experience informative and valuable.
To learn more about Wisconsin's Master Woodland Steward Program visit their website 

This website is a collaboration of:

University of Wisconsin Extension
University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point
Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources