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Woodland Leadership Institute

Are you interested in learning about the history and development of forestry and its impact on Wisconsin’s social, ecologic and economic health?

Are you interested in learning more about what sustainable forest management means?

Are you interested in promoting sustainable forest management in your community but don't know where to start?

If you answered yes to any one of these questions then the Woodland Leadership Institute may be right for you!

WLI at the Leopold ShackWisconsin’s Woodland Leadership Institute is designed to educate and equip woodland owners and enthusiasts to become leaders in Wisconsin’s woodland owner organizations and in their local communities on issues related to forestry, sustainable forest management, and public policy. Our goal is to help you become active in these issues at the local, regional, and statewide levels.

The coursework focuses on the history and development of forestry and its impact on Wisconsin's social, ecologic and economic health; current forest management issues and philosophy; the role of woodland owner organizations in Wisconsin; as well as the introduction of community outreach and public participation techniques.

Graduates of the Woodland Leadership Institute are expected to play an active role as leaders in woodland landowner organizations and to impact forest management by woodland owners through peer-to-peer contact and planned activities in their local community.

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