School Program Options

We offer a variety of lessons and themes for you to choose from.  No matter the grade or the focus, CWES can accomodate your needs to create a fun and educational trip.  You can create your own program by picking from our lessons or choose a special theme with specific lessons.

Program FocusGrade LevelsPossible Lessons
STEM4-12Global Positioning Systems, Cooperative Compass, Snowshoeing, Map and Compass, Lake Ecology
Wisconsin History4-8Native Americans, Early Explorers, Pioneers, Digging Up the Past, Lumberjack Olympics
Winter Ecology3-9Snowshoeing, Snow Walkers, Winter Lake Study, Winter Severity, Winter Survival Strategies, Survival of the Fittest, Slurp, Chilly Critters, Eco-Jeopardy

​Outdoor Adventure​4-12​Archery, Canoeing, Survival Strategies
​Forestry​3-12​Tree Identification, Forest Diversity, Forest for the Trees, Forest Habitat Suitability, Forest Inventory
​Animal Adaptations​2-8​How Birds Make a Living, Beaver Adaptations, Skullduggery, Pond Study, Colorful Confusion, Snow Walkers, Leaps and Bounds, Wolf Pack Game, Sound Surveillance, Magnificent Mammals
​Connecting to Nature​K-3​Feathered Friends, Leaps and Bounds, Spring Fling, Micro-World Macro-Wow, Worm Wigglers, Five Alive, Magnificent Mammals, Pond Study, Colorful Confusion, Survival Lessons From Nature, Have Seed Will Travel
​Team Building​4-12​Group Initiatives, Challenge Course, Cooperative Compass, Survival Strategies
​Lake Study​3-12​Pond Study, Pond Power, Canoeing, Bottom's Up, Lake Ecology, Moving Water
​Art​3-12​Nature Photography, Nature Journaling, Art in Nature
​Ecology and Conservation​5-12​Laws of Nature, Web of Life, Wolf Pack Game, Nation to Nation, Resource Management Role Play, Bird Trackers

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