The practicum program is the foundation of CWES, and the reason the field station exists. The original concept was created in 1975 to give UW-Stevens Point Environmental Education and Youth Programming and Camp Management (YPCM) students a practical, hands-on teaching experience during their undergraduate coursework.
Over the course of a semester, Environmental Education and YPCM students enrolled in the practicum program have the opportunity to teach environmental education programs to visiting groups. In addition, YPCM students will learn the behind-the-scenes knowledge needed to operate youth organizations. This includes information about hiring, licensing, budgeting, maintenance, food service and more!  Practicum students will go on to become classroom teachers, adventure trip leaders, environmental educators, camp directors and employees in county, state and national parks and youth agencies.

Testimonials from Practicum Students

"Practicum taught me how much I love environmental education and helping others experience the wonders of nature. I still have much to learn, but I walked away from that semester with infinite knowledge about myself and what I love to do. I hope to someday work as an educator at a facility much like CWES and teach lessons on beavers, birds, forestry, and much more. Thanks so much for helping me get a solid foundation for my future." -Former Practicum Student

"I feel the practicum experience at CWES was one of the most beneficial parts of my time at UWSP. Real hands on experience teaching under guided supervision is a great thing and hard to come by, but the practicum program at CWES captures that. The people you work with, and the people you meet are great people dedicated to helping you succeed."- Former Practicum Student

"I was thinking back to all the positive growth skills and development that I received at CWES and the guidance I was given. I just wanted to say thanks. It has served me well as I continue to grow in my career as an environmental educator. One thing has stuck with me over the years more so than any others. It’s the five essentials of a team: Collaboration, Creative thinking, Communication, Cooperation, and Trust. Concepts that I shared before we took to the obstacle course to apply them there- not only there, but in their daily lives as well. I’ve been thinking about them myself as an Alberta Parks staff team member and the ups and downs through the different parks I’ve been employed at. It’s been my personal mantra since those days and I know you’ve been considering them too as that lesson continues." -Former Practicum Student