Cooperative Compass

Connecting Your Field Trip to Classroom Learning
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Pre-Field Trip Materials

Welcome to CWES video

Pre-Field Trip Lesson Plan

Early Navigators

Early Navigators Map

Example - Map without Tools

Post-Field Trip Materials

Post-Field Trip Lesson Plan

Map of Lewis and Clark's Journey

Clark's Map of the Journey

          Pre-Field Trip Experience - Classroom

Use the pre-field trip lesson to prepare your students for both the setting and purpose of their field trip. A "Welcome to CWES" video will acquaint your students with the Central Wisconsin Environmental Station (CWES), letting them know what they should bring, as well as what to expect for their day at CWES. The remainder of the lesson focuses on early navigation and the importance of navigation throughout history. Students will attempt to draw an accurate map without modern navigational tools. All resources for this lesson can be accessed under the column to the left.

                 Field Trip Experience - CWES

The on-site Cooperative Compass lesson will be taught by CWES staff during your field trip. Students will participate in a physically active orienteering exercise. After mastering basic compass and pacing techniques, students will rely on their teamwork skills to complete an orienteering course.  

           Post-Field Trip Experience - Classroom

The post-field trip lesson allows students to apply orienteering knowledge and skills learned during the field trip. They will redraw the maps they created prior to the field trip and compare accuracy between the two to understand the important role that navigational tools played in the creation of accurate maps. Student worksheets and grading rubrics are included. Suggestions for activities to extend learning are included. Resources for this lesson, can be accessed under the column to the left.