BOW for College Credit

BOW workshops can be taken for undergraduate credit or graduate credit through UW-Extension. To qualify for credit the participant must attend an entire weekend workshop (BOW, or Beyond BOW).

How to earn credit:

1). Register for the BOW workshop (Click on registration forms on Calendar of Events page)
2). Register and pay for college credit through UW-Extension (there is an additional fee).
3). Attend the BOW workshop and complete the assignment described below.
Credit and grade will be issued shortly after the assignment is turned in.
At present an undergraduate credit is $288.51 and a graduate credit is $448.57.

To register for college credit through UW-Extension:


Environmental Education Outreach
Stevens Point WI 54481
Jessica (715) 346-3854 or Tim (715) 346-4176

Important Information:

You are registering for an off-campus credit.

Course number is NR405 for an undergraduate credit, and NR605 for a graduate credit, section 88.

Becoming an Outdoors-Woman

Assignment for Credit

Peggy Farrell, Instructor

This assignment should help you explore your own attitudes toward the outdoor activities taught at Becoming an Outdoors-Woman workshops, and how the program relates to your life. If you are a teacher, you will be asked to investigate infusion options. Please complete this assignment as one article, rather than answering specific questions. The points below are to help focus your writing; expand upon the general questions in order to provide thoughtful, complete answers. Your essay should be no less than three typewritten, double-space pages. Please use Times New Roman 12 point font.

Before the workshop, please evaluate yourself: 

Were you raised in an outdoor family? 

What are your attitudes toward outdoor activities? Be specific as to a variety of activities in the categories of hunting and shooting, fishing and boating, and non-consumptive activities like camping, canoeing, bird watching, etc. 

Are you a novice, average, or what level of activity?

Please make a journal of your reactions to each class. What did you learn? How did you feel about the activities? In what ways did the activities connect you with the natural world?

What did you get out of attending the BOW workshop? Did your skills increase? Did your attitudes toward any of the activities offered at the workshop (whether or not you participated in them) change?

How might you share knowledge acquired through your BOW experience with others?

For teachers only: Present a listing of ideas of how you might infuse what you learned into your classroom.

Graduate Credit: Research issues related to one or more of the courses/activities you learned. How might you get involved in those issues in your community? BOW program may provide articles that relate to these issues, you should investigate others. OR What are the environmental/social issues related to each class you took? For example, if you were involved in fly fishing or canoeing, discuss water quality, multiple use, etc. Hunting and shooting classes, discuss wildlife management and social aspects.

This assignment is for one credit from UWSP. You will be graded on the completeness of your essay in relating BOW to your own experiences.

Submit this assignment electronically to:

Peggy Farrell

If you have any questions, please feel free to call 715-346-4681 or email Peggy Farrell​

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