205     5-24-2021

Where have all the seedlings gone?

What happened to the days when regenerating sugar maple was easy as falling off a log?  Unfortunately, foresters from across the range of northern hardwoods are frequently experiencing a dearth of well-established sugar maple seedlings, not to mention seedlings of other prized species such as yellow birch and basswood.  What is going on?  Is it deer, interfering vegetation, earthworms, our silvicultural systems?  In this episode of SilviCast we explore the challenges of naturally regenerating northern hardwoods with Mike Walters, Professor of Forest Ecology at Michigan State University and principle investigator on what has been dubbed "the big northern hardwood study."

Guest: Mike Walters, Ph.D. 
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Northern Hardwood Conference 2021

Guest Bio

Mike Walters, Ph.D.

Mike Walters, Ph.D. is a professor of Forest Ecology at Michigan State University (MSU) where he leads the MSU-Michigan Department of Natural Resources partnership in Ecosystem Research and Management. Mike's research on forest dynamics focuses on northern hardwood forest regeneration and factors (e.g. deer) affecting regeneration outcomes. In addition to his research, he also teaches courses on silviculture and applied forest ecology.

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