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Success Guide: This 100% online course requires access to a computer, 10-15 hours a week, and your professional support network. 

Book List: 4 books are required in advance of starting this course. See the full course list here.

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Program and project management skills are crucial for any successful utility vegetation management practitioner. Whether your role is to plan and manage the UVM program at the utility level or whether your role is to implement the UVM projects at the contractor or consultant level, a shared vision is required to get the job done successfully. This course introduces the fundamental program and project management processes related to UVM best practices. You will also acquire a systems and business process thinking approach and understand how organizational strategy, structure, and culture can impact and align within UVM. You will examine integrated vegetation management (IVM) as it relates to UVM, keeping safety, environmental stewardship, and sustainability in the forefront. This course prepares you for the next series of courses that will examine program and project management processes, tools, and techniques in more detail.

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe leadership, management, and leaderment® in relation to UVM.
  • Examine organizational structure and culture as they relate to UVM.
  • Analyze business systems and processes related to UVM.
  • Explain and demonstrate strategic management and decision-making as related to UVM.
  • Explain program and project stakeholder and communication management.
  • Explain scope management, financial management, quality management, schedule and recourse management, risk management, and procurement management process.
  • Evaluate integrated vegetation management and utility vegetation management programs, compare/contrast their process models, and correlate them.


This 10-week course is 100% online using a combination of tutorials, discussions, and projects.

Target Audience/Pre-requisites 

This course is designed for utility vegetation management professionals or individuals looking to enter the field. Previous experience with utility vegetation management, arboriculture, or forestry is beneficial but not required.

Pre-requisite: successful completion of Introduction to Utility Vegetation Management.

Book List: 4 books are required in advance of starting this course.  See the full list here.