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The SilviCast Team​

SilviCast is a collaborative effort between FEDI and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

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SilviCast was featured in the November 2020 edition of the Forestry Source, SilviCastNotJustForSilvicultureNerds.pdf


About SilviCast

SilviCast is a show devoted to silviculture: the science, the practice, and the art of forestry. We explore current topics in forest management, highlight innovative practices, and interview the practitioners and researchers looking to understand and solve the challenges facing today's managers.  Our goal is to help foresters translate current research into reality.  The show is tailored specifically for foresters and other land managers, whether it's listening at the office or in the truck on the way to the field. Created by the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point's  Forestry Education and Development Initiative and hosted by Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources' silviculturists Greg Edge and Brad Hutnik, SilviCast is available on these outlets Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and more!

Available Episodes

Season 2

Betu-love it!


In this episode, we talk with Colleen Matula and John Zasada about paper birch silviculture and how we can sustain this fascinating species.

Learn more and listen here.

Episode 202 tile.pngWeed Wizards: Demystifing Forestry Herbicides


In this episode of SilviCast we will start to demystify the confusing world of forestry herbicides with Rick Schulte and Lee Shambeau. 

Learn more and listen here.

The Green Wall


Join Ralph Nyland in a conversation on the challenges of implementing uneven-aged systems in even-aged, second-growth northern hardwood forests that don't want to cooperate!

Learn more and listen here

Right Tree, Right Place, Right Time


In this episode we explore the challenges of artificial regeneration with Doug Jacobs, the Fred M. van Eck Professor of Forest Biology and Associate Head of Extension at Purdue University.

Learn more and listen here.

Where have all the seedlings gone? 


In this episode we explore the challenges of naturally regenerating northern hardwoods with Mike Walters, Professor of Forestry and principle investigator of "the big northern hardwood study."

Learn more and listen here.

Silviculture's Secret Sauce


In today's episode we try to find silviculture's secret sauce for restoring lowland forests with Marcella Windmuller-Campione, Assistant Professor of Silviculture at the University of Minnesota.

Learn more and listen here

Northern Hardwood Conference 2021 Special


It's so special you'll have to listen to find out what it's about!

Learn more and listen here.

Sugar Sand


Join us in the field with Jennifer Boice and Armund Bartz for a discussion on pine barrens management.

Learn more and listen here.

Above the B-line


In this episode of SilviCast, we dive into the silviculture around utility pole management with Jim Bauer, a Resource Manager with Stella-Jones.

Learn more and listen here.

Season 1

1.1 Tile.pngOne Plot to Rule Them All 


In this episode, we introduce a new natural regeneration monitoring method, and the program being implemented in Wisconsin, the Forest Regeneration Metric, or FRM.

Learn more and listen here.

1.2 Tile.png Is This a Deer Thing?


Continuing our conversation with Dustin Bronson and Casey Menick, we explore how to assess deer browse and its impact on forest regeneration.

Learn more and listen here.

1.3 Tile.png Red Pine, Fire, Oh My!


This episode explores how fires shaped Wisconsin's mixed conifer forests and how lessons from these historic fire-dependent ecosystems can be applied to increase forest resilience.

Learn more and listen here.

Episode 4 Tile.pngOak, Cheeseheads, and the Dirt Forester's Toolkit


Join Dan Day and the SilviCast team as we delve into what we get wrong about oak regeneration and recruitment and what we could do better to secure a sustainable future for oak.

Learn more and listen here.

The Kitchen Sink


Degraded stand, now what? This episode explores how to approach, manage, and restore degraded stands with Tom Hill, Wisconsin DNR Forester.

Learn more and listen here.

It's OK to be Irregular


Irregular shelterwood, what? Join Tony D'Amato as we explore what irregular shelterwood means, its origins, and how to implement it.

Learn more and listen here.

Your Hosts

Greg Edge

Greg Edge.jpgGreg is a Forest Ecologist/Silviculturist with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources - Division of Forestry, working on statewide silviculture and forest management issues.  He has worked for the WDNR for 26 years in a variety of roles; first, as a field forester working on public and private lands, then as the Forest Geneticist and Nursery Specialist, and more recently as the Area Forestry Leader supervising the forestry program in the Mississippi River area of western Wisconsin.  Greg graduated from the University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point in 1988 with a B.S. in Forestry Administration and received an M.S. in Forest Genetics from the University of Wisconsin – Madison in 1991.  In his spare time, Greg calls Brad on the weekends to debate their diametrically opposing views on silviculture.

Brad Hutnik

Hutnik.JPGBrad Hutnik is a Forest Ecologist / Silviculturist with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.  As a member of the WDNR Silviculture Team, Brad works statewide on forest ecology and silviculture issues.  Prior to coming to Silviculture, Brad served as the Lower Wisconsin State Riverway Forester (2002-2012) and worked as a Staff Forester at Clark Forestry, Inc. (1997-2002).  Brad received a bachelor’s degree in Forest Management from The University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point in 1997. He has also completed the National Advanced Silviculture Program (NASP) and is a Certified Silviculturist through the U.S. Forest Service. If you have a chance to have a nightcap with Brad and Greg, don't think work ends when the drinks are poured. Silviculture never sleeps!