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  • Lake District Q&A (Summer 2009) - The question this issue...Can a lake district change its boundaries?
  • Lake District Q&A (Winter 2008) - The question this issue...What should lake districts do about board of commissioner representation when their established boundaries cross a number of municipalities and the governing body with the largest assessed value of property in the district changes from one year to the next?
  • Lake District Q&A (Fall 2008) - The question this issue...Do lake districts need to abide by open meetings and public records policy?
  • Lake District Q&A (Summer 2008) - The question this issue...Where is the best place to store lake district records?
  • Lake District Q&A (Spring 2008) - The question this issue... Which records of a lake district must be available to the public?
  • Lake Planning Series: A Call to Action (Fall 2007) - Learn why it is important to have an implementation/action plan when working on lake management and get some tips on how to do it well.
  • Lake District Q&A (Fall 2007) - The question this issue... Is there a limit on how much a lake district can tax?
  • Lake District Q&A (Summer 2007) - The question this issue... Does a lake district need to get bids?
  • Lake Planning Series: Common Lake Grant Pitfalls (Spring 2007) - Has your lake organization experienced the grant process?  Learn how to avoid some of the common pitfalls and implement a better grant.
  • Raking in the Data: New Protocol for Aquatic Plant Surveys (Spring 2007) - The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources has worked to create new protocol to make aquatic plant management work for you!
  • Lake Districts Q&A (Spring 2007) - The question this issue... Who can vote at a lake district annual meeting?
  • Lake Districts Q&A (Winter 2007) - The question this issue... What are the requirements for annual meeting notices?
  • Grants in your Pants: Two Cost-sharing Programs Available (Fall 2006) - Find out how and when to apply for the Targeted Runoff Management (TRM) and Urban Nonpoint Source and Storm Water Management (UNPS) grants.
  • Assistance for Your Lake Planning Grant Project (Fall 2006) - The third part of a series of articles about lake planning.
  • Lake Districts Q&A (Fall 2006) - The questions this issue... Are lake districts tax exempt?
  • Lake Districts Q&A (Summer 2006) - The question this issue...What is a Special Meeting and how is it different form the Annual Meeting?
  • Collecting Credible Data (Summer 2006) - Get informed about the specific methods used by the Citizen Lake Monitoring Network to take secchi disk readings
  • Planning With A Purpose (Summer 2006) - The second part of a series of articles about lake planning.
  • Lake Planning (Spring 2006) - Thinking about a lake planning project?  Find out some important questions to ask before starting.
  • Who's Who in Citizen-Based Monitoring (Fall 2005) - get involved as a monitor
  • Lost in the Mail: Getting a PO Box (Fall 2005) - make sure your lake organization gets all of the current information about lakes as well as other important communications
  • Making Lake Life Easier: The Wisconsin Lake List Directory (Fall 2005) - search this directory to find Wisconsin lake organizations, businesses servicing them, and links to sources of assistance
  • Can You Risk It? Insurance for Lake Organizations (Fall 2005) - Basic information for lake organizations looking into what type of insurance fits them best.
  • Lake Districts Q (Fall 2005) - The question this issue...Can a lake district use absentee or proxy voting?
  • New Edition of Lake District Guide (Summer 2005) - This 11th edition has been split into two publications to help answer lake organizational questions...available soon.
  • Lake District Q (Summer 2005) - The start of a series of questions regarding Lake Districts
  • Help With Your Newsletter (Winter 2005) - Use articles and photos from the UWEX-Lakes Program to educate your readers.
  • How Effective are Lake Organizations Part II (Winter 2003) - Covers issues, effectiveness, what lake organizations do, and funding of Wisconsin lake organizations
  • How Effective are Lake Organizations Part I (Fall 2002) - Covers lake characteristics, organizations characteristics, revenues/expenditures, and management goals of Wisconsin lake organizations 

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