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Through the Looking Glass:

A Field Guide to Aquatic ​​Plants - New Second Edition!

This delightful, large-format field guide to aquatic plants in North America is accessible and inviting to general readers, yet detailed enough for use by botanists and natural resource managers.
Single Copy: $29.95
Case of 11:   $230
​     (handling included)

Aquatic Plants of the Upper Midwest:

A Photographic Field Guide to Our Underwater Forests, Waterproof 3rd Edition (2018)

This waterproof field guide uses over 570 color photographs to identify all of the true aquatic plants of Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan, including the difficult macro-algae of the Characeae family...

Single Copy: $48
                   (handling included)

The Magic Goggles:

Discovering the Secrets of the Lake

Maggie and her little brother Tate are visiting their grandparents’ lake cabin when they discover two pairs of really weird, old goggles with leather straps in a dusty old trunk in the attic. Down at the lake with their goggles, the kids discover the magic goggles make them as light as a damselfly and let them see right through lily pads to the underwater forest below...

Single Copy: $8
                   (handling included)

Fish Hotel:

Trees in lakes that provide food, shelter, and spawning areas.

Tessa and her cousin Hugo grab their snorkeling gear for an underwater adventure and end up learning that trees in the water are helpful to fish. A friendly neighbor teaches them how downed trees are like a fish hotel, providing shelter, food and a place to lay their eggs...

Single Copy: $8  (handling included)

How's the Water?

​Planning for Recreational Use on Wisconsin Lakes & Rivers

The story of water recreation is a story of access. Recreational use on our state's and nation's waterways is growing not just in the number of people taking to our lakes and rivers, but also in the variety of ways in which they use them.
Single Copy: $21.95
Case of 21:   $241
​​      (handling included)


People of the Lakes:

A Guide for Wisconsin Lake Organizations

People of the Lakes: A Guide for Wisconsin Lake Organizations discusses the two major types of lake organizations in Wisconsin: Lake Associations and Lake Districts.

​​The full guide or specific chapters are available for download​ at no charge

Choosing the Right Waterfront Property

If you are thinking about buying waterfront property in Wisconsin, this guide is meant for you. A little time invested in learning about waterfront living will pay back sizable dividends in matching your expectations to the realities.

Free Brochure plus a small handling charge.  
Also, the full pdf version is available for Free Download

Protecting Your Waterfront Investment:

10 Simple Shoreland Stewardship Practices

Protecting Your Waterfront Investment is a handy booklet designed to provide you with 10 simple shoreland stewardship practices you can do to protect your watershed and lake.

Free Brochure plus a small handling charge


Water Plants:

A Case for Preserving Wisconsin's Aquatic Plants


Wisconsin Lakes Trivia Game:

History - Fish - Wildlife - Sports & Recreation

Test your knowledge about Wisconsin lakes. Discover fun facts abut lake history, fish, wildlife, sports and recreation. Learn tips on how to protect our lakes while you play.  Produced by Bret Shaw and John Haack of the University of Wisconsin - Extension.

  Single Copy: $17.95
 ​                     (handling included) 

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