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Features include:
  • Fully waterproof, spiral-bound construction
  • Over 570 color photographs
  • Botanical keys to bur-reeds, bladderworts, watermilfoils, pondweeds, pond lillies,
    naiads, and stoneworts
  • Three practice pages

Aquatic Plants of The Upper Midwest

A photographic field guide to our underwater forests

Waterproof 3rd Edition (2018)

by Paul M. Skawinski


Over 570 high-resolution, color photographs fill this easy-to-use field guide. Beginners to the world of aquatic plants will enjoy the easy descriptions and abundant photographs, while more advanced biologists will appreciate the comprehensive treatments, dichotomous keys, and other resources. It covers 164 species in total, including both native and non-native species, over 20 species of macro-algae (Chara, Nitella, etc.), and an appendix of non-native species in nearby states that are threatening to invade our region in the future.

Printed on synthetic, waterproof paper and spiral-bound to withstand harsh field conditions. This book also floats and is washable.

$48 including shipping & handling

Sample pages:    
Perfoliate pondweed (Potamogeton perfoliatus) and White-stem pondweed (Potamogeton praelongus)
Leafy stonewort (Chara foliolosa) and globular stonewort (Chara globularis)
Pygmy white water lily (Nymphaea leibergii) and white water lily (Nymphaea odorata)


“The definitive photographic guide to the often daunting world of aquatic plants."

- Ryan O'Connor 
Ecologist, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

“This book is an essential botanical reference for anyone interested in Midwestern plants; it is absolutely essential for anyone interested in the identification of aquatic macrophytes, far exceeding in clarity of presentation and photography any published North American aquatic plant guide."

- Dr. Emmet Judziewicz
Professor Emeritus of Plant Taxonomy, UW - Stevens Point; Author of Wildflowers of Wisconsin and the Great Lakes Region   

"When you open up the book, the most striking thing about it is the stunning photographs. Skawinski has mastered the very difficult skill of underwater photography, producing amazingly clear and full color images of most of the species in their actual habitat underwater. Many taxa also include fresh specimens on a white background, close-ups of flower and seeds, leaves, and more, and all include a nickel for scale. The photos and morphological keys make identifying aquatic plants a breeze."

"...jam-packed with everything you need to identify submergent aquatic plants in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan."

- James P. Bennett, Department of Botany, University of Wisconsin - Madison

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