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​Capacity Building Resources

Capacity Building in General

Learn about the Wisconsin Lakes Partnership's efforts to use systems thinking to address lake issues through this archived Webinar "Exploring Local Group Capacity for Watershed Restoration: A Systems Thinking Perspective"


A large and growing number of lake organizations are using Facebook to share information with their members and invite them to participate in meetings and other activites. Click here for a curated list of lake organizations on Facebook (requires that you have a Facebook account). 

If you do not already have a web page for your lake organization, consider signing up for a simple WordPress page through, a collaborative organized by Wisconsin lake organizations to provide affordable hosting and simple templates. Each year we host a WordPress workshop at the annual Lakes Partnership Convention


If you haven't already, get started with volunteer based monitoring in your lake and watershed. Even if you are already part of Wisconsin's Citizen Lake Monitoring Network program, there are additional ecological aspects of the lake and surrounding environment that just about anyone can help monitor. 

Recruit your volunteers to help educate boaters at public landings through Wisconsin's Clean Boats, Clean Waters program. 


Meet other lake advocates at the Wisconsin Lakes Partnership Convention and Water Action Volunteers Symposium, held each spring in Stevens Point. Learn more about local and regional lake and water events on the Lake Event Calendar


Learn about the Wisconsin Healthy Lakes and Rivers program, a simple way to hit the ground running with small-scale lake restoration and protection projects. 

Plan to apply for funding for larger scale projects through the Wisconsin DNR's Lake Protection Grants. These grants provide up to $200,000 for land or easement acquisitions, wetland and shoreline habitat restoration, or other projects identified in a DNR-approved lake management plan. 

Check out this interactive story map that includes the projects that were funded in 2018 by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources' Surface Water Grant Program here.

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