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Clean Boats, Clean Waters


Clean Boats, Clean Waters Workshops

Watercraft inspectors were busy at the boat landings during the summer of 2014 as they inspected over 120,728 boats and trailers for aquatic invasive species (AIS). Trained Clean Boats, Clean Waters inspectors addressed more than 251,229 boaters about the serious threat AIS pose to Wisconsin’s lakes and the prevention steps every boater should take to slow their spread. Increasing awareness of AIS prevention steps and how to follow the regulations that are in place to safeguard Wisconsin's water bodies will certainly help stop the introduction and spread of invasive species.
The Clean Boats, Clean Waters program, sponsored by the Wisconsin Lakes Partnership, offers a series of training workshops across the state each spring and summer. These workshops provide an opportunity to learn how and why educational awareness is so important in preventing the spread of AIS.
During the Clean Boats, Clean Waters workshop, resource professionals provide an overview of aquatic invasives, such as Eurasian water-milfoil and zebra mussels, and instructions on how to organize an effective watercraft inspection program. Participants also practice having an effective conversation with boaters at the landing through role-playing. There is no cost to attend the workshop, and interested participants can purchase the Clean Boats, Clean Waters Watercraft Inspection manual and a kit (containing educational publications, two Clean Boats t-shirts, an inspection apron, and more) for $25.00.
To register for a workshop, contact the resource listed on the workshop schedule (click here to get workshop schedule​).  Additional workshops may be added in specific areas if there is public interest.  Please contact the AIS coordinator or staff member listed for your area about workshop availability during the summer (click here for AIS staff list​).



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