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Clean Boats, Clean Waters


​Clean Boats, Clean Waters Supplies

Order a T-shirt!
$10 each (sizes: S, M. L, XL & XXL)

Order an apron!
$5 each

Order a hat!
$5 each
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All of these supplies can be ordered by contacting the UW-Extension Lakes office.  Send an email to including the item(s) desired, quantity, and sizes for T-shirt orders, or call (715) 346-2116.

The Clean Boats, Clean Waters program has designed a special logo that not only represents the program, but also sends a message to the public, “without clean boats, we will not have clean waters”.  T-shirts, hats, and aprons are available with this logo.  Volunteers are encouraged to wear the bright blue CBCW t-shirts while performing watercraft inspections at the landings.  These shirts are very vibrant and easily visible when boaters approach the landing.  By wearing this t-shirt, your volunteer program appears credible and provides a statewide recognition for the efforts volunteers are making at the landings.  For volunteers that have their own t-shirts, but still want to connect with the CBCW program, CBCW hats offer another opportunity for volunteers to wear the message.  The hat displays the logo and the message as well as filter out the hot summer sun.  The CBCW aprons are another great resource for watercraft inspectors.  These aprons have three pockets that are designed to hold educational brochures and pamphlets, which allow the volunteer to perform watercraft inspections.
The CBCW handbook and resource kit include resources that help volunteers develop a watercraft inspection program (handbook) and educate boaters by distributing aquatic invasive species educational materials (resource kit).  For a complete list of all the materials contained within the CBCW resource kit, see below.

Clean Boats, Clean Waters Resource Kit Contents

Publication Number​ ​Amount Per kit ​Item
1​ Blue CBCW Totebag​

​WT-889 & WT-890

​2 ​Clean Boats, Clean Waters T-shirts
​WT-886 ​1 ​Clean Boats, Clean Waters Apron
​1 ​Watercraft Inspector Handbok
WT-828​ ​50 ​Clean Boats, Clean Waters Stickers
​WT-747 ​100 ​Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers Stickers
​WT-394 ​50 ​Eurasian Water-milfoil/Northern Water-milfoil ID Cards
​WT-730 ​100 ​Zebra Mussel Watch Cards
​WT-759 ​100 ​Curly-leaf Wildcards
​WT-753 ​100 ​Spiny and Fishhook Waterflea Watch Cards
​FH-240 ​10 ​Fish as Bait: VHS Brochures
​WT-801 ​100 ​Help stop Aquatic Hitchhikers Brochures
To order more of the publications available in the kit, send an e-mail stating the publication name, how many, and where to ship them to

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