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Clean Boats, Clean Waters


Graphics and Signs

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Here are a variety of graphics for your use.  These are very helpful when designing educational materials, newsletters or press releases.  To be used for educational (non-commercial) purposes.  Please credit the UW-Extension Lakes program.
To download, click the preview version of the image below for a larger file, and then:
  • For PC users: right click and then select "save picture as ..." OR
  • For Mac users: click and hold down, then select "save image." 

 CBCW Logos

version for print -
expandableCBCW Logo (color)
GIF (36.5 KB)
CBCW Logo (grayscale)
EPS (298 KB)
version for print -

CBCW page header - blue
EPS (356 KB)
version for print -







 Aquatic Invasive Species Graphics 

Curly-leaf pondweed

Eurasian water-milfoil


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