KEEP 20 Year ReportWe are excited to share KEEP's 20 year report with you. This report summarizes the major accomplishments and activities conducted by KEEP since 1995. It builds on KEEP's 10-Year and 15-Year Progress Reports documenting the continued successes and new programs implemented in response to the constantly changing education and energy sectors. 

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Thanks to Wisconsin’s utilities, 196 teachers participated in at least one professional development course offered through KEEP during the last school year. Each teacher will reach an average of 60 students each year, equaling approximately 11,760 students who will learn about the importance of energy in our lives including energy efficiency, conservation, renewable energy, and careers in the energy industry.

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​The Wisconsin K-12 Energy Education Program (KEEP) was created to promote energy education in Wisconsin schools. With support from Alliant Energy, Madison Gas & Electric, We Energies, Wisconsin Public Service, WPPI Energy, and Xcel Energy, KEEP leverages teacher education to improve and increase energy literacy in Wisconsin's K-12 schools as a means of contributing to statewide energy savings.

Learn more​ about your local utility and the customer resources they offer.​

Share information about the Sustainable Energy Minor from UWSP with your students!


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 Professional Development

More than 6,726 teachers have participated in KEEP courses and workshops since 1997, potentially reaching more than 4 million students. We are now offering one-day workshops too! 

Tuition Scholarships or Substitute Stipends Available!

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 School Energy

Schools are saving energy (and money!) with KEEP's support by purchasing and installing Vending Misers, Occupancy Sensors, LED lighting, and ENERGY STAR® appliances.

 Curriculum and Resources

KEEP provides various resources and activities for Wisconsin's PK-12 teachers interested in teaching energy concepts.


 Home Energy

Because we know students take home what they learn at school, we've developed tools to enhance energy education at home, including an appliance survey​ and energy scavenger hunt​.

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​​Green & Healthy Schools Wiscons​in Partnership

KEEP, as part of the Wisconsin Center for Environmental Education, is a collaborating partner of Green & Healthy Schools Wisconsin, along with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. Green & Healthy Schools Wisconsin supports and encourages schools to create safe and healthy learning environments and prepares students to understand, analyze, and address the major environmental and sustainability challenges now and in the future. It is a Web-based, self-paced, voluntary program available to all Wisconsin PK-12 public and private schools.

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