Easily Integrate Technology into Your Science or Math Curriculum

Through technology already in students' schools and homes, I-SEE helps ignite curiosity and interest of tomorrow's analysts, scientists and engineers. Leveraging their own real-life energy consumption data through experimentation, students build knowledge, skills and confidence to reason through modern challenges and make a real difference, right now. 

Why Implement I-SEE?

Teacher Benefits

  • Standards-based middle school unit enhancement 
  • One-year subscription to STEMhero's web-based learning platform 
  • Facilitated in-class student workshop 
  • Energy audit tools lending kit 
  • On-going support services

Student Benefits

  • Increased energy literacy
  • Hands-on STEM skill building
  • Relevant experimentation
  • Empowerment toward social action 
  • Adoption of energy-saving habits

Register Today!

To enroll your class or student group in I-SEE, read the following considerations and contact the Wisconsin K-12 Energy Education Program at 715.346.4770 or keep@uwsp.edu

I-SEE Engages Middle School Students Through:


  • ​STEMhero is a website and supplemental curriculum that empowers students to collect and analyze their electricity, natural gas, and water consumption.
  • Standards-based curriculum contains 12 activities, assessment tools, and implementation strategies. 
  • Web-based learning platform houses student missions and energy tracking dashboard.
  • On-going guidance provided to implement energy-saving behaviors and track energy savings overtime.
  • One-year subscription to STEMhero included and future annual subscription available at a discounted rate.
  • For more details and a free demo, visit STEMhero.   

 Student Energy Auditor Training

  • Student Energy Auditor Training (SEAT) is an all-day, hands-on workshop where students learn that they have the power to influence how energy is used at their school and homes. 
  • Facilitated by STEM role models during an in-school field trip, including participation by school facility personnel. 
  • Turns a selected area of the school into an energy efficiency "laboratory."
  • For more details, visit SEAT.

 Energy Audit Tools

  • Hands-on energy audit tools accompany activities for school and home.
  • Energy investigation tools include: Watt meter, light meter, infrared thermometer, and thermometer for hot water, refrigerator and freezer temperatures.
  • Tools provided on-loan for duration of I-SEE program.


  • ​A $100 fee includes subscription to STEMhero's web-based learning platform, digital curriculum guide, SEAT student workshop, and energy audit tool lending kit.
  • Scholarships may be available for schools who demonstrate financial need. Please contact KEEP for more information. 
​​ ​

I-SEE engages teachers, students, facility personnel and families together in real-world data-driven investigations of energy use at school and home.

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