October is Energy Action Month

Thank you for helping us celebrate Energy Action Month, a national effort to emphasize how important energy is to our national prosperity, security, and environmental well-being.

142 individuals shared their pledges with us via video or photo. You can see many of them on our Facebook page. Out of the 142 shared pledges, the below image shows the break down by energy end use. You can more about energy end use at http://www4.uwsp.edu/cnr/wcee/keep/Mod1/Flow/homeenergyuse.htm

Energy Action Pledge Results.png

October is Energy Action Month


Energy Action Month is a national effort to emphasize how important energy is to our national prosperity, security, and environmental well-being. The Wisconsin K-12 Energy Education Program (KEEP) invites you to celebrate Energy Action Month by participating in the opportunities below.

Make an Energy Pledge

Show your support! Tell us how you take action to reduce consumption of natural resources in your daily life!

  1. Download your own Energy Pledge Certificate. Write your pledge and sign your name.
  2. Take a selfie with your pledge form.
  3. Upload your selfie to social media using the following hashtags: #KEEPledge #UWSPledge.

Now Spread the Word!

  1. Challenge your family, classroom, or organization to pledge to save energy.
  2. Hang completed Energy Pledge Certificates around your school or office.
  3. Collect energy pledges locally at a school or community event.
  4. Create a video pledge to inspire others to take action.

Don't forget to share all your energy pledges with us on social media!

#KEEPledge #UWSPledge


Support for Energy Action Month

Watch the videos below to hear what some UW-Stevens Point leaders will be doing to conserve energy in the year ahead!



2009 Energy Awareness Month Press Conference at UW-Stevens Point


Energy Scavenger Hunt

To bring awareness and appreciation to energy, we've developed an electronic Energy Scavenger Hunt for you and your students. Visit http://www.uwsp.edu/cnr-ap/KEEP/Pages/Resources/Energy-Scavenger-Hunt.aspx to get started.


Careers in Energy Week - October 15-19, 2018

Careers in Energy Week will take place October 15-19, 2018. The week is focused on raising awareness about energy careers available in Wisconsin. View Governor's Proclamation

As an educator, you play a critical role in introducing students to possible career paths. We offer resources to make that easier for you. The Get Into Energy website has career profiles, videos, and skills tests related to energy careers. This PowerPoint presentation can be used to start a discussion and help students begin exploring careers in energy.

Our vision is to ensure that Wisconsin's energy industry is adequately staffed with a qualified and diverse workforce of engineering, craft, and technical workers to provide safe and reliable energy. Thank you for supporting this effort by introducing energy careers to students.

​2016 Careers in Energy Week Events