School Energy Education

The Wisconsin K-12 Energy Education Program (KEEP) School Building Energy Efficiency Education programming promotes and facilitates the utilization of the school building as a learning tool for energy education, while contributing to increased energy efficiency and savings in schools.

The Importance of School Energy Education

There are many challenges to including energy education in the school curriculum. Among these challenges are funds for resources and support materials. Fortunately, one of the best resources to teach students about energy is readily available to teachers: Their school building!

Through a school building, students can learn where their energy comes from, how it is consumed, and how it leaves the school. They can identify areas where energy is wasted and how it can be used more efficiently. Academic standards in math, science, language arts, technology education, and many other disciplines can be addressed by simply investigating the flow of energy through the building.

In addition to being an ideal resource for teaching about energy, there are added benefits to knowing the flow of energy through a school building, including reducing a school’s utility costs by saving energy. Next to personnel, a school’s energy costs are often the most expensive budget item. Paying less for energy means more funds may be available for other things, including school supplies and resources.

KEEP Initiatives

KEEP has multiple resources and opportunities to help facilitate the connection between energy education and the school curriculum.

Professional Development for K-12 Teachers

Classroom Activities and Curriculum

Hands-on Resources Lending Program

School Energy Policy and Education Plans

Green & Healthy Schools Wisconsin Provider

Energy & Your School Toolkit

A Toolkit for Teachers, Students, Administrators and Facility Personnel

Around the state, many school districts are proving that energy smart building choices can significantly reduce their operating costs and, at the same time create better places to teach and learn. To utilize a school building to its fullest potential, a connection should be made between the building’s energy management practices and the school curriculum. The Energy & Your School Toolkit provides materials and activities designed to help school communities investigate and document building energy use and energy management policies and incorporate energy education into the curriculum school-wide.


Myths About Energy in Schools

Creating an Energy Committee in Your School

School Energy Policy and Education Plan Template

School Building Walkthrough Energy Audit Presentation